What We Do

At Rebound, we work with families who are trying to recover and rebuild after experiencing the devastating effects of trauma. Often trauma-background families are the most susceptible to continue cycles of abuse, neglect and/or poverty, unless there is some type of intervention.  We walk alongside kids and families on the road to health and restoration.

Connecting – Families often suffer because of a lack of connection. Social isolation and lack of support from other adults make it difficult for families to gain traction during crisis situations. At Rebound, we foster supportive relationships and access community help in times of need.

Empowering – We are committed to giving kids and families the tools they need to succeed. We offer year-round programs for both parents and kids that teach health in the social, emotional, physical and spiritual areas of life.

Restoring – We seek long-term health and stability for our kids and families. As we walk with families, we seek to restore homes to a place where family members know they are loved and supported, where trust is present, and where both parents and kids can thrive as part of the greater community.


We specifically reach out to high-risk elementary school-aged kids through Ray of Hope Summer Camp, and Roots Programming throughout the year.  Our goal is to end the vicious cycle of abuse so it is eradicated by the time they themselves become adults with children of their own.

About us

Rebound exists to connect, empower, and restore vulnerable kids and families in our community.

Rebound was founded in 1996 as a ministry of Cornwall Church and Pastor James Avinger.  It started out by serving kids who were most at risk for social and academic failure. Over the years, Rebound grew in size and scope until it launched as its own independent non-profit in 2006. Since then, Rebound’s programs have grown substantially as has our capacity to support the whole family.  

For the past 20 years, Rebound of Whatcom County has provided hope and healing to children and families whose lives have been impacted by trauma, including abuse, generational poverty, neglect, homelessness and other life challenges.  Since its beginnings Rebound has made an impact on thousands of lives in Whatcom County, and many have benefited from both participating in our programs and/or serving with us.

Rebound of Whatcom County is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. If you are interested in viewing our most recent 990 tax form, please email or call our offices at 360-714-0700 to request a copy.


Yvonne Cartwright                  Executive Director

Yvonne was promoted to the Executive Director position in 2018 after serving as Rebound's Development Director for three years. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from University of Washington, and worked for several years in the advertising industry, including as CEO of her own marketing, advertising, graphic design and public relations firm.

Yvonne has served on several non-profit boards focused on health and human services, and education, including United Way of Whatcom County (Board President in 2000), Bellingham Technical College (Board Chair in 2009-2010), Bellingham Technical College Foundation, Whatcom Literacy Council, and Rebound of Whatcom County. In each board assignment she was actively involved in fundraising for capital projects and program development.

She is married to her awesome husband, Jon Rick, and has two amazing daughters, Caitlin and Meghan. While she is happy they are successfully doing their own thing, she really wishes at least one of them would get married and give her a grandchild to play with.

“I am truly blessed to be working for Rebound, and am excited about all the amazing things I see God doing for our organization and the families we serve.  I am incredibly grateful to be part of this team as we enter a new season of growth and expansion, and increase our capacity to serve families who need the kind of help we offer.”


Audrey Swanson                       Resource Coordinator

Audrey worked at Rebound for 3 years when it was first started at Cornwall Church. She continued to work at Cornwall for 6 more years. After her time was finished at Cornwall, she came to work at Rebound as Resource Coordinator, and enjoys helping families find the resources they need.

Previous to working with Rebound, Audrey retired from the Bellingham School District, where she worked as a school counselor. Cornwall and Rebound are an extension of the work she did as a counselor.

Audrey is married to her husband, Bob. They have four grown children, 8 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. They enjoy times with their BIG family at holidays and birthday celebrations.

“Rebound is a special joy and blessing to me as I work with the staff and volunteers to arrange to collect  the resources requested by Rebound families.”


Shelli Wood                                 Program Director/Case Manager

Shelli joined Rebound in July 2016 during our Ray of Hope Summer Day Program.  Born and raised in Whatcom County, Shelli worked for several years in the public school system before shifting to working in social services as a Family Coordinator, providing Visitation Supervisor training, and visitation services to high-risk families for the Department of Children and Family Services.  Shelli has also coordinated court-ordered parenting classes and provided in-home Behavior Rehabilitation Services. 

Shelli has three adult children, Riley, MacKenzi, and Brady. While her nest is almost empty, Shelli is an avid animal lover, who enjoys spending time with her two Great Danes and her Yorkie. When not spending time with her family, Shelli enjoys upcycling and restoring old furniture, as well as a variety of home improvement projects. 

“My family, and the love and support we have for each other, is very important to me. I am extremely excited to serve families in a capacity that allows me to show that same kind of love and support through my faith.” 



Tara Doyle                                       Office Manager

Tara started volunteering for Rebound in October of 2016 by helping out with the Kids Support Groups at the Roots Family Enrichment Program in Blaine.  In April, she started an internship with Rebound.  In June 2016 she graduated from Bellingham Technical College with an AA in Science and Administrative Assistant, along with many other certificates.  Tara was the Office Coordinator at Rebound's Ray of Hope Summer Day Program, and was hired full-time as Rebound's Office Manager in August 2016.

A single mom to 13 year old daughter Jordie, and 11 year old autistic son Brian, Tara has a strong heart for kids with disabilities and does everything she can to encourage kids who need just a bit "extra". She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, including dinners out, family-friendly parties and especially get togethers with her Women's Group.  She also loves a good thunderstorm!

“I am so honored and excited to have the opportunity to be working with Rebound of Whatcom County.  I have seen, first hand, God's love and impact on the many families that we get to work with.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for all of us as we serve kids and families who need it most.”